Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Shipwreck Beach Challenge

Cairn Raider – Find 5 cairns


Cairn 1

Immediately as you enter the beach you should see a small raised plinth to your right with the first cairn on top of it.





tomb raider cairn 2Cairn 2

Find the tomb in the Northern area of the map and then head North from there. There’s a hill with a path going around it and a supply box over a small jump. Continue past the box and up the ledge to find the second cairn.





tomb raider cairn 3Cairn 3

In the Southern area go to the other side of the water that blocks off the beach and look for a climbable structure. There should be a white pole you can use to swing across a gap and reach a platform where you’ll find the cairn by a tree.



tomb raider cairn 4Cairn 4

Find the Southern each tomb and head East. When you see a path running alongside the sea with a wooden fence, follow it to find the cairn on a corner.



Tomb Raider cairn 5

Cairn 5

In the Northern area of the beach you’ll find some water inland with red barrels you can pull around using rope arrows. Pull the one nearest the waterfall into the middle so that you can use it to reach the climbable wall and scale that to find the cairn.




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