Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Summit forest Challenge

Red Cap Round Up – Find 10 mushrooms


Tomb Raider mushroom 1Mushroom 1

Where the map first opens out you can find the first mushroom to the Soutwest of the crash site in the tree line.




Tomb Raider mushroom 2Mushroom 2

Immediately after collecting the first mushroom head around to the right of the helicopter where you’ll see a tree with some white burning/ash around the base of its truck. The second red cap will be behind that.





Tomb Raider mushroom 3Mushroom 3

On the narrow path from the crash site to the next area you’ll find the third mushroom on the left just before the patrolling guards and the way ahead opens up.




Tomb Raider mushroom 4Mushroom 4

To the far South of a large main area you can find the mushroom to the right of a tree by the river just in front of two rocks.





Tomb Raider mushroom 3Mushroom 5

Just before the small bridge in the far north of the large area you can find the red cap off to the left in the trees. Look for a broken stump.





Tomb Raider mushroom 6Mushroom 6

Head over the bridge then stop and look around to the left where you’ll find the mushroom tucked around the side.




Tomb Raider mushroom 4

Mushroom 7

When you reach the area with the large building turn right and look for some stone steps leading up to two lanterns near the Eastern path. You’ll find the mushroom on the right just at the top.




Tomb Raider Mushroom 8Mushroom 8

In the East side of the area you’ll find some greenish platforms leading you around to the right. Go straight over and off the left hand side of the gantry with two white strips and turn hard left to find an alcove and the eighth mushroom.



Tomb Raider Mushroom 9

Mushroom 9

Get into the water and follow it North until you find a log that takes you on to dry land. Once you get off the log you’ll find the mushroom a few feet ahead to your left by a thin white tree.




Tomb Raider mushroom 10Mushroom 10

In the Southwest area you should find some white boards embedded in the ground, follow them along to until you reach the small drop to the ground below. You shouls see a ledge you can jump to on the right where you’ll find the mushroom.



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