PlayStation Now beta video leaked – game library & loading times shown

You can always rely on someone to leak a beta. This video shows Killzone 3 being loaded up on Sony‘s PlayStation Now streaming service, revealing the loading times and current games list available for play.

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PlayStation Now beta video – games & loading times shown

From selecting the PlayStation Now icon in the XMB it takes 40 second to reach the main menu. That reveals the following games:

  • Dead Or Alive 5
  • Disgaea 4
  • Papo & Yo
  • Killzone 3
  • Puppeteer
  • Ninja Gaiden 3
  • Darksider 2
  • MX vs ATV
  • Shatter

On selecting Killzone 3 it takes a little over 1m17s to reach the game’s epilepsy warning, during which time various messages appear stating PlayStation Now is ‘authorising’, ‘testing connection’ and, finally, ‘loading game’.

After quitting, the option to rate the game is provided for ‘video’, ‘audio’, ‘responsiveness’ and ‘overall’. What do you make of that then?