Dark Souls 2 – 6 new things we’ve learned from the first hour (apart from dying)


Hollowing is a gradual process now

Even though Dark Souls’ story featured NPCs who were slipping gradually into a hollow (undead) state, you as a character were always either living or hollow depending on whether you’d used humanity points to revive at a checkpoint bonfire. It was very much a binary heads-or-tails proposition. Dark Souls 2 does a better job of capturing the gradual nature of the hollowing process by both reducing your pool of HP and degrading your visual appearance with repeated deaths. I started out playing as a beautiful female knight, but after a few deaths, her eyes started to glow. A few deaths later, her skin became grey and wrinkled. By the time I finally reached the 50% limit of health reduction, only straggly tufts of hair remained on my scalp, giving the appearance that I’d ripped most of it. I found this slide far more emotionally compelling than the living-hollow light switch of the game’s predecessors.