PS Vita Slim available for pre-order tomorrow according to ShopTo email. £189, black only

[Update: Here's the official PS Vita Slim details: price, release date & more.]

An email from retailer ShopTo has apparently confirmed the PS Vita Slim will be available for pre-order from the 30th of January. It’ll cost £189 and only come in black initially. Sony had sent out invites for an announcement about something “slim” tomorrow. Should be a fun meeting now…

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PS Vita Slim available for pre-order from tomorrow

Known as the PS Vita 2000 when it was announced for Japan in September last year the PS Vita Slim ditches the OLED screen in favour of LCD. That, and a few other redesign touches, make it a cheaper, thinner version of the handheld with a better battery life.

Here’s the full image posted, showing the announcement. Several news sources have confirmed it’s legit.

PS Vita Slim

Source: NeoGAF, thanks VG247 for the price info.