New The Order 1886 screens appear showing combat against…things

It seems like a few new The Order 1886 screens snuck onto Sony Santa Monica‘s website at some point. The new images show the Knights battling things on the streets of London, which apparently looks like a West-end production of Oliver here.

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New The Order 1886 screens appear

While the plot follows an ongoing battle between mankind and half human creatures, whatever’s being fought up here looks human. The fact that the Knights are being shot back at also suggests these aren’t monster enemies. Familiars or thralls maybe? These new shots are mixed in with older ones and some previously print-only stuff. I’ve stuck up the new images first and then some that are old but haven’t been on the site before

The Order was potentially pegged to an August release date thanks to some tweets between Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn mentioning a ‘Fall’ window.

Source, NeoGAF