Warframe update 11.5 adds 20 trophies, Oberon warframe, new weapons, & customizable controls

Warframe update

A new update is adding weapons, trophies & customizable controls to PS4‘s free-to-play co-op shooter, Warframe. The patch also adds a Paladin Warframe, Oberon, weapon skins and level expansions.

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Warframe update 11.5 adds trophies & new weapons

20 new trophies are added in total and awarded for things like ranking up, building gear in the foundry and playing co-operatively. These aren’t retroactive so you won’t rack up automatically for things you did in the past – you’ll have to do them post update. As far as the customisable controls go you can now map out the pad however you like.

You can find out more about Oberon in the video below. His main abilities a blast called Smite that damages enemies and releases roaming energy balls for additional damage. Hallowed ground causes the floor to hurt enemies while Renewal heals allies and Reckoning lifts people into the air and slams them into the ground.

Thanks EU Blog.