Uncharted 4 release date could be this year after all – “Doubtful!” referred to DLC Easter eggs

Bear with me here. An answer from Naughty Dog’s community strategist Eric Monacelli cast doubt last week on Uncharted 4 getting a 2014 release. He’s since confirmed he wasn’t talking about the date and thus re-opened speculation for Drake returning this year.

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Uncharted 4 release date could be this year after all

So far no date has actually been announced, just the most teasery of teaser trailers and a strong hint that more will be revealed at E3. The speculation comes from Monacelli originally answering “Ha. Doubtful” when asked about “UC4 Easter eggs? UC4 for PS4 in 2014… LOU GOTY edition please! for PS3!” in a comment on a PlayStation Blog post about The Last Of Us’ Left Behind DLC:

Naughty Dog answer cast some doubt on a 2014 release date for Uncharted 4.

Obviously it’s unclear which part is being referred to. He’s since confirmed that, “I only answer the questions when replying. The only question was the Easter egg question,” adding, “a lot of passion and gossip happening otherwise!” So there you go: previously unconfirmed release date now could be this year after all.

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