OlliOlli ‘how to’ tips direct from Roll7 – max out scores & combos with help from the creators


Having trouble getting the higher scores, combos or challenges on OlliOlli? I don’t blame you: it’s a game designed to make you suffer. With that in mind I chased down the Roll7 team to ask them for tips to help make the grinds less of a grind.

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OlliOlli tips direct from Roll7 – help from the creators


John Ribbins, creative director

  • Tapping L and R at the same time when you’re rolling on the flat puts you in nollie stance – the next trick you launch will be off the front of the board and you’ll get more points for tricks launched nollie. It’s a good start to your combo.
  • Tricks and grinds are worth less points if you continue to pull the same ones. To get the very highest scores, keep your tricks varied.
  • If you want to find the Golden Skateboards, you’ll need to find levels with ways to skip past the crowds.

Andreas, gameplay designer

  • NAIL those perfect landings and grinds. They’re important for maintaining momentum in your combo and will boost your score massively.
  • It’s easy to get carried away with spinning once you get the hang of it. Just remember that spin tricks can screw you over when you’re trying to reach slightly taller ledges.

Tom Hegarty, producer

  • On longer grinds you can increase your multiplier by doing multiple tricks on the same ledge,
  • On the harder levels (I’m talking Base and Neon!) start by simplifying your tricks and just concentrate on the landings and grinds, once you’ve learnt the levels, you can then start pulling some serious tricks and upping your score
  • Use the Port levels to expand your trick set, the levels are set up for maximum combo enjoyment and are a great learning ground for the later levels, especially Neon.

Petros, programmer

  • Try to complete all the challenges while progressing through the levels not only will this unlock the Pro Levels but they will actually teach you how to play in the later levels
  • If you played the game a gazillion hours and still suck don’t worry. Slam your face with pride, there are others out there like you!

Simon Bennett, director

  • When loading the VITA, make your way to a safe, seated position and perform some ‘Breath of Fire’ exercises before pressing play.
  • If your better half or parents are nagging at you to ‘put that damn game down’, tell them that you desperately need the loo and hide in there for 20 minutes in order to get to the end of the level that is really annoying you