inFamous Second Son won’t have multiplayer confirms Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch production director Ken Schramm has confirmed inFamous Second Son will not contain multiplayer modes following the discovery of “online players TBC” in a brochure.

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inFamous Second Son won’t have multiplayer

Schramm apparently confirmed “there is no multiplayer” while showing the game in China. At the same time a few other details have emerged. As with previous instalments good or evil choices will affect the story progression and apparently also “the game difficulty”. This is all coming through Google translate though so tread carefully.

Schramm also confirmed again the ability to learn new powers from other super-powered characters with neon and smoke still the only two been shown. You can also only attack with one power at a time and, as before, a there’s meter restricting use of abilities which can be charged from environmental sources. There’s also talk of “ultra attacks”, presumably along the lines of the large dive bombing explosive fire blast previously shown. It also seems like Fetch, the girl Delsin steals his neon powers from, could also play a larger role in the game.

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