Driveclub marketing video explains branding & shows cars, June release date rumoured

While this apparently leaked Driveclub video focuses on branding – things like fonts, colours and typesetting – it’s also full of cars and info on community structure. A June release date’s also been mentioned by a European magazine.

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Driveclub marketing shows cars, June release date rumoured

The video’s an internal thing that’s not meant to be a trailer hence the focus on all the branding (AWAYS UPPERCASE). The release date info comes from Official PlayStation Magazine Italy which, before you ask, I have no connection to. It’s apparently plucked June out of the air.

Sony has said the release date will be announced shortly and a recent rating by the ERSB suggests Sony are getting ready. This video also points to marketing and PR teams being briefed on how to present and sell the game.

Thanks AGB, VG247.