Resogun developer working on DLC & “another PS4 project”, no PS Vita version planned yet

Housemarque, the team behind Resogun, has another PS4 game in development. The studio revealed the second project on Facebook as well as confirming there’s some DLC on the way for its voxel shooter.

Resogun developer working on DLC & “another PS4 project”

Speaking on its Facebook page Housemarque said, “at the moment we are working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project” when asked if there was “any chance of [Resogun] making an appearance on PS Vita?”

Housemarque mentioned the new PS4 project on Facebook.

Resogun was an early hit at the launch of PS4 after getting some of the highest reviews scores and a free run on PS Plus. The score chasing shooter requires some tight skills to keep combos unbroken and led to more than a few phone pics of high scores being passed around the table.

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Housemarque made its name on PlayStation with Super Stardust HD and followed that up with a range of downloadable titles including Dead Nation and Outland. It a good assumption, then, that another PSN game is on the way.