Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo on PSN tomorrow, unlocks content in the full game

A demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 arrives on the Store tomorrow giving you a chance to try the new battle system and unlock FF6′s Siegfried Garb in the full game.

Lightning Returns demo on PSN tomorrow

The new battle system uses Schema, a range of style/equipment sets Lightning can use, each with their own ATB gauge. It’s a more direct, action-based set up replacing the tactical paradigm shifting party system of previous games. Garbs on the other hand are outfits that come with abilities and powers.

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The Siegfried Garb can be unlocked by beating the final Zaltys boss in the the demo and posting the score via Outerworld, which is described as “a way for other players to communicate their progress via social networks like Facebook and Twitter to post their battle scores, and more”.

Thanks EU Blog.