PS3 price cut predicted for February – no support for “Holiday 14″ without it says Pachter

That the PS3 will drop in price post PS4 launch won’t be a surprise. However industry analyst Michael Pachter is predicting the cut as soon as February for the simple reason that publishers won’t support the machine over Christmas otherwise.

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PS3 price cut predicted for February says Pachter

According to Pachter, “the publishers are going to threaten the manufacturers, and they’re going to say ‘cut the price of the PS3 now’. The threat being: no big name support later in the year without a price drop to drive up the install base and make it more profitable. “I actually think the publishers are going to threaten to not support PS3 this Holiday, if they don’t see a price cut quick” says Pachter. ‘Holiday’ being American for the Christmas period, traditionally when the most games are released and sold.

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While focus shifts towards PS4, the PS3 still has a huge library that will make it attractive at a lower price.

The good news is that it’s something that can be done, “in a heart beat and won’t lose any money”, because, “Sony have manufacturing down and that’s great for consumers”. One interesting area where the console could see an influx of new adopters are the “hundred million Wii owners out there, probably three quarters of whom have never considered owning a PS3. That’s a good opportunity for ten million or more of them to trade up, so that’ll be good”.

The PS2 saw a huge increase in numbers following a redesign and price drop, selling well into PS3′s life. Think the PS3 can match it?

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