Evolve classes & gameplay details on PS4 – first monster revealed: ‘Goliath’

Anyone interested in Turtle Rock‘s 4-v-1 monster hunter, Evolve, should check out new info on classes, monsters and weapons. The new PS4 multiplayer game from the Left 4 Dead studio sees teams chasing down an evolving human-controlled monster with a range of dangerous toys.

Evolve classes & gameplay details on PS4

The premise has human colonists attempting to tame a hostile planet called Shear through the subtle art of killing everything else. While there’s a range of wildlife (which human-controlled monsters can eat to level up) and various monsters, there’s only one monster to pursue at a time.

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The first creature to be revealed is the Goliath, (how many more or what other forms they take is still a secret). It’s a brute style character, standing at 10 foot in his un-envolved form and gradually reaching upwards of 30 feet once maxed out. It appears to be a mix of strength and speed with talk of the ability to pull up boulders and jump dozens of feet into the air.

The various classes tasked with tracking these creatures down across the large maps are assault, trapper, support and medic. Their various weapons and abilities have been designed to interconnect team members and also track, snare and limit monsters.

Here’s a breakdown:

Assault class, ‘Markov’

Unsurprisingly the grunt, with a close range lightning gun and longer reaching assault rifle. He has plenty of health as well as a shield and arc mines to contain or herd monsters.

Trapper class, ‘Griffin’

Built around capture tactics, the trapper can use a harpoon to snare monsters, or a ‘mobile arena’ – a large deployable cage that can contain creatures. He also has sound spikes which can be used to track footsteps.

Medic class, ‘Val’

Described as similar to Team Fortress 2′s doctor, Val can heal other members of the team with an energy beam. She also has a tranquilliser gun that slows monsters and an ‘anti-material rifle’ which can be used to highlight weak spots and buff damage inflicted to those areas.

Support class, ‘Hank’

Hank has a shield gun that can be used to protect other players but it’s only a short burst device so it has to be timed carefully. He also has a cloaking device that can hide both himself and nearby hunters. Offensively he can call in air strikes and uses a laser cutter as his main weapon

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