Alien Isolation studio visit & free postcards – Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

This month Official PlayStation Magazine UK has been to see Alien Isolation, the new PS4 survival horror based on the original movie. We visit the studio to play the game and talk to the team about making a unpredictable and thus terrifying alien. There’s also a set of free postcards featuring art from the game.

Our Alien Isolation feature includes an extensive hands on & visit to developer Creative Assembly

Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

As well as Aliens Isolation we’ve also got a look at Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, the vampire follow up on PS3. After playing a good four hours we can conclude it’s shaping up to be every bit as good as the original. In terms of other stuff we’ve got info on the amazing looking No Man’s Sky, Dying Light, The Order: 1886, Infamous Second Son and loads more.

Elsewhere we test out PS Vita TV, the currently Japan-only mini console which we’re almost certain will be making its way over here eventually. We hear from former Wipeout team Sony Liverpool’s new studio Firesprite, and check out more games like Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, Thief, Destiny, Dark Souls 2.

We’ve also got a tell-all feature about what goes on behind the counter of your average game shop. Everything from theft and shoplifting to angry customers and launch day disasters. Also on the feature front are the 50 Greatest PlayStation quotes – some of the most memorable words uttered by a line up of some of Sony’s biggest stars.

If you like the look of all that then it’s in the shops now. If you want to save money you can get a print or digital subscription with up to a 46% saving. You can also grab an interactive copy on Apple Newsstand (with a one month free trial) or read Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio.