New Sony controller patent points to an AR-related gizmo

Augmented reality, eh? What an age we live in. While we all love our sumptuous new DualShock 4s, there’s nothing like a touch of Wonderbook or EyePet to make you feel like you’re touching the void of imperceptible technological wonder. And now it appears Sony is pursuing AR again with the reveal of some leaked new PlayStation pad patents.

New Sony pad

Apparently, this mysterious new controller appears to rock a build-your-own vibe, with suggestions how you assemble its various parts could, say, translate into building your own custom guns in a shooter. Here’s a snippet of fairly bamboozling text from the leaked patent…

“A block tool, which can be assembled by a user, is configured with multiple types of blocks and is shot by a camera for capturing a still image or a moving image. The position coordinates of a marker of the square-pillar block in a three-dimensional space are obtained by image recognition. Also, a connecting position and the type of each block, a gradient vector of the square-pillar block, an angle between two blocks constituting the square-pillar block, and the respective blocks’ lengths are obtained so as to derive the shape, posture, and position of the block tool, and corresponding information processing is then performed.”

Want another example of what this potential PS4 DIY pad could be used for? Have this leaked shot of the wacky new patent creating a bat…

While it’s undoubtedly a highly original design, we can’t but feel its concept is a tad novel to go about replacing your DualShock 4 anytime soon. If Sony ever get around to creating this contraption, expect it to tie into the PlayStation Camera and The Playroom in some way. Anyhoo, what do you think of this new patent and its LEGO-aspiring potential? Give us a shout in the comments.

Thanks: iGR