Driveclub release date to be announced “shortly” says Sony

Typical, you wait ages for an ambitious, socially-driven AAA racer and then… eh, it gets delayed. Again and again. Still, it looks like Driveclub on PS4 will soon be getting an official release date.

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Earlier in the week the latest Driveclub delay hit, as the game’s Japanese launch, initially planned for 22 Feb, was pushed back. Obviously looking to quell the petrol-head rage for a game that was initially intended to be a PS Plus freebie to launch alongside PS4, Sony has since promised a final release date will be announced “shortly”.

Speaking to IGN a Sony rep said: “The team at Evolution Studios are working hard to bring Driveclub, a truly next gen driving experience to PS4 and we will announce the release date shortly. We’re really excited about how Driveclub is progressing and thank you for your patience.”

With no news when or if GT6 on PS4 may occur, the sooner Driveclub gets shunted out of the development garage the better.

Thanks: Videogamer