There’s no future update planned to disable the DualShock 4′s light bar, says Yoshida

There won’t be a future update that allows you to turn off the DualShock 4′s light bar to save battery life or reduce reflection on your TV screen, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confims via Twitter.

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No future update planned to disable DualShock 4′s light bar

PS4 has enjoyed a European and US launch relatively free from disaster, but the glare of the light bar on TV screens (and the perception that it contributes to the DS4′s lower battery life) has been a minor bugbear for many gamers. One such individual asked Yoshida via Twitter if a future firmware update will allow the light bar to be disabled. Yosp, true to form, was direct in his response:

Oh. We’ll have to learn to live with it, then. There’s always gaffer tape, eh?

If the light bar’s had a negative impact on your PS4 experience, let us know. Preferably not all in caps, or via the medium of ‘die in a fire’ GIFs.