From Software hasn’t thought about Dark Souls 2 on PS4 yet, co-director Yui Tanimura claims

Dark Souls 2 screens

Fans have been asking for it since Dark Souls II was announced for PS3, but a next-gen version of the anticipated adventure/sadism odyssey isn’t something that From Software has given any thought, says co-director Yui Tanimura. Speaking to Edge, Tanimura said “We have not put any thought into this yet, so I unfortunately can’t answer at this point.”

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From Software has “not put any thought” into Dark Souls 2 on PS4

In the Edge interview, Tanimura also discusses that regrettable ‘more accessible’ comment, the impact of original director Takeshi Miyazoe’s departure and his own entry, and lots more edgy material.

It sounds as though a bit of fan encouragement might yet make next-gen Dark Souls 2 happen. Not that the internet’s ever been known to use its collective voice to make incredible projects happen…