Driveclub delayed, will miss PS4 launch in Japan


PS4 racer Driveclub has been delayed for long enough to miss the console’s February 22nd launch in Japan, with an official press release citing “various circumstances” as the cause for its slippage. That’s cleared that up, then.

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Driveclub to miss Japanese PS4 launch

Originally planned for the US and UK PS4 launches (and offering pretty much the whole game free to PS Plus subscribers), news of the ambitious Evolution Software racer’s delay sounded out just prior to the console launch. Since then, it’s been tentatively penned for an “early 2014″ release.

Japanese games site Inside Games announced that it’ll miss the console launch over there, quoting an official statement put out by Sony that explains “various circumstances” conspired to delay the game, which is corporate talk for “because reasons, okay?” You’d be hard pushed to dream up an even less descriptive phrase.

So maybe this is just Sony breaking the news gently to Japan, or maybe it’s a further slippage. Either way we now know that “early 2014″ means some time after February 22nd. We will, of course, keep you posted as we hear anything further.