PS4 gets survival horror Outlast with Feb’s PS Plus Instant Game Collection

If you like the cerebrally unhinged wangs of naked mental patients are you ever in for a treat. The latest freebie for PS4′s PS Plus service includes Red Barrels genuinely unsettling and really rather good horror jaunt Outlast, which is being rolled out as part of February’s Instant Game Collection.

More on Outlast 

Having played the game already extensively on PC I can attest to the fact it’s a bit tasty. Entirely replete of combat, the game instead charges your insanely dedicated reporter with pelting it from an asylum’s inmates as he looks to unravel some sort of conspiracy. Now that’s journalism.¬†

Outlast’s chases recall to mind Resident Evil’s 3 ruddy terrifying sprints away from the T-Virus suckers of Nemesis. Thanks to the game’s reliance on documenting your surroundings, most of the action is viewed the grainy filter of your camera’s night-vision lens, thus somewhat capturing the spirit of the Rec films.

Add Outlast to the already brilliant Resogun and Don’t Starve and Sony really is treating early PS Plus adopters on PS4.