Metal Gear Solid 5 on Vita – Kojima uses Remote Play to take his sneaker portable

Witchcraft! That’s Metal Gear Solid 5 running on… Vita! Elderly gentleman: hold onto your monocles. Thanks to the wonder that is PS4/Vita Remote Play, series mastermind Hideo Kojima has been tweeting pictures of himself playing MGS5 on Sony’s slinky handheld.

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Among Koj’s various tweets one can be translated roughly to mean “amazingly beautiful”, so it seems the game will lose little of its visual splendour on the transfer down onto that fabulous OLED screen.


The thought of sneaking about with Snake on Vita thanks to Remote Play is oh so exciting and further points to the reverence Sony and third-party developers alike are giving the feature. At this rate, the ability to play an increasing library of killer PS4 games on the portable could soon make it an essential PlayStation 4 peripheral.