Tomb Raider PS4 vs PS3: see the Definitive Edition running side-by-side with the original version

Here’s a chance to see all the graphical tweaks added to the PS4 version of Tomb Raider in direct comparison to the ‘soooo 2013′ PS3 version. Watch, as it does a great big graphic all over your eyes! The video’s a good yardstick for potential purchase, especially if you plumped for the last-gen release already. First impressions – it looks darker, Lara’s hair looks stragglier, and if we’re honest we don’t need much of an excuse to play it all over again.

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Tomb Raider PS4 vs PS3 Comparison video

The comparison video, courtesy of IGN, shows footage of the same scene in Tomb Raider playing out on PS3 and PS4, along with some graphical analysis that delves into exactly what’s happening on-screen that wouldn’t have been possible last-gen.

Tomb Raider: Definitive edition hits the shelves on January 31st here in Europe on PS4.