Driveclub possibly getting Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Italian tracks

A leaked developer showreel from Evolution Studios seems to suggest Driveclub on PS4 could soon be getting a bevy of tasty Italian Motors. Since the original story broke, though, the team has done its best to pour icy water on our overexcited bonnets.

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Screens for the leaked video show glimpses of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini’s tyre (wooh!) and a race replay set in Italy. These are all displayed in what looks to be a rather snazzy UI, with Driveclub seemingly boasting pleasingly chunky FIFA 14-style menu panels.

Driveclub PS4 new cars and tracks

Of course, none of this is final, with Driveclub design director Paul Rustchynsky leaping into the fray to suggest the video was made before the game went into proper production.

“Just wanted to jump in and say that the UI Concept was created before DRIVECLUB went into production, and is therefore not representative of the final product. Nor are the cars or locations used guaranteed to be in the game either as they were just used for demonstration purposes.”

Although he certainly kept the beautifully crafted Italian door open with the following snippet…

“It’s a cool concept though.”

Ooh, you big tease, you. Driveclub is currently slated for a 22 February release date in Japan, with the US and Europe to follow shortly thereafter.

Thanks: DualSHOCKERS