Deep Down on PS4: next-gen games demand ten times the work of current-gen titles says Capcom dev

Deep Down ps4 screens

Capcom‘s Masura Ijuin is claiming PS4 games take ten times the work to make as PS3 titles. Phew, we had no idea this next-gen malarkey was going to take so much effort. Maybe we should go back and break out our old BBCs.

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The senior manager’s comments came out in a recent Q&A where he explains why the Japanese publisher decided to build the new Panta Rhei engine for Deep Down. The other option would have been persisting with the existing MT Framework engine that powered many of Capcom’s PS3 titles, though this wasn’t deemed up to the job.

deep down PS4 screens“Looking ahead to the development of games for next-gen consoles, we felt we needed to completely overhaul the development environment to better cope with the increasingly complex hardware. That’s pretty much why we started developing this new engine [Panta Rhei],” says Ijuin. 

“The amount of work involved in making games for next-gen consoles is eight to ten times greater than what is required for the current generation of consoles.”

Ijuin speculates that even if Capcom had decided to optimise MT Framework for next-gen consoles and built the upcoming free-to-play dungeon brawler with the engine, development tasks would still have been three times slower than using Panta Rhei.

Now, if the firm can just get Deep Down on PS4 to match the almighty Dark Souls, then give us a rebooted Resident Evil replete with real scares again, we’ll be all set. Get cracking, Capcom: those ten-times-the-man-hours, next-gen tasks won’t complete themselves.

Thanks: CVG