OlliOlli gets January 22nd release date on PS Vita – “you will slam on your face”

The mega-hard PS Vita pixel boarder Olli Olli has been locked into a January 22nd release date in Europe and has a trailer to prove it. You might remember the game from when I interviewed the devs, Roll7, hungover.

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Olli Olli gets January 22nd release date on PS Vita

The skateboarding title is one of the many indie games snapped up by Sony and has been made by ”6 core team members then extra freelancers for Sound, Animation and HUD” according to director Thomas Hegarty, which impresses me even more as I struggle to align my version of reality with what Game Maker accepts as legitimate code.

Don’t let the simple art style fool you, Olli Olli is *nails*.

Just to reiterate this is a game built around being hard. The basics are, well basic, but to really squeeze the points you’ll have to master some high level stuff. It’s going to have that Resogun high score back and forth as people slide points across the table with a knowing nod. With that in mind you might want to check out this tutorial video as well.