Don’t Starve beginners guide & tips for PS4 – food, sanity & crafting basics covered

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Don't Starve ps4 tips guide

A basic science machine unlocks a world of new items to craft in Don’t Starve & is essential for survival.

Don’t Starve: How to get a science machine

A science machine lets you create sciences items which are progressively more powerful as you unlock more stuff. There are three styles of advanced crafting, each with two tiers, of which this is your first step. This lets you eventually build an alchemy engine to open up the second science tier and after that there are magic and ‘ancient’ crafting stations. For now we’ll stick to this.

A tier one science machine can make many things – including a 15 point sanity boost every time you prototype an item. To do that you must build the thing first at the machine but once unlocked you can craft it anywhere. These are probably the things that will be the most useful straight away:

  • Crock pot – lets you combine four food items and make recipes. The health, hunger and sanity benefits from this are vastly improved compared to basic raw/cooked food.
  • Basic farm – lets you plant and grow seeds, providing a renewable source of food.
  • Drying rack – lets you dry meat, increasing its health value and storage.
  • Tools, armour and weapons – initially you can only make axes and pickaxes tools. A science machine unlocks a shovel, pitchfork, hammer and razor as tools. Weapons include things like a spear while at this level armour includes grass and wood suits to absorb damage.
don't starve ps4 tips guide

A science machine & other crafting stations unlock all the higher level items you need to survive in Don’t Starve.

To build a science machine you’ll need these items and a pick axe which can be crafted from two twigs and a flint at the start of the game:

  • four logs – easily obtained by chopping down trees.
  • four rocks – these can be found scattered around (more commonly in caves). Your best bet however is to head out to a Savannah (yellow desert areas where you find beefalos) or the Rockylands (the clue’s in the title) and mine them from boulders with the pick axe.
  • One gold nugget – look out for a boulder with a gold vein in it and mine it to get a nugget.

The level two science machine, an Alchemy Station, opens up further possibilities, mainly along the lines of survival and building. Things like a tent for example can be made which you can sleep in for a massive sanity boost.

These basics should be enough to get you started and see you though your first few nights. After that you’re on your own for the time being. I’ll return to Don’t Starve for some more advanced tips later on.