Don’t Starve beginners guide & tips for PS4 – food, sanity & crafting basics covered

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While insanity bring monsters and evil in Don’t Starve it also bring cool stuff and beards!

Don’t Starve Sanity Guide

As a rule what affects your sainty is fairly obvious – nice things = good, bad things are, well bad. Stuff like eating spoiled food, raw meat, sitting in the dark and so on will decrease your sanity and affect the game world as a result. Here are the sort of effects you can expect as you slowly go mad:

When sanity drops below 100% the following will occur

  • Monsters called Crawling Horrors and Terrorbreaks appear. These are simply ghost like shapes to start with but eventually become solid monsters than can attack and kill Wilson when sanity drops low enough.

At around 60%:

  • Eyes appear in the dark around fires.
  • The screen and objects can shake and wobble

At around 40%:

  • Rabbits star to appear as creatures called beardlings which can be killed to get a crafting ingredient called nightmare fuel (among other things).

At around 30%:

  • Crawling Horrors, Terrorbeaks and other monsters start to attack.
Don't Starve ps4 tips guide

Eyes and unpleasant shapes appearing at night are the first sign that you’re losing sanity in Don’t Starve.

Ways to boost your sanity

An early way to help your sanity is to use the crafting menu to make a garland out of 12 petals (look for the top hat icon at the bottom). Picking the flowers will also provide a five point sanity boost. These can be easily made almost straight away and will boost your sanity by around 1.33 points a minute. It will spoil over time though and only lasts about 6 days.

You can also get a 10 point sanity boost by shaving Wilson’s beard (only Wilson can do this), the flip-side to this is that a full ‘magnificent’ beard provides insulation when it’s cold so you should only shave it off if your mental health is looking grim. You’ll need a science machine before you build a razor though.

Ways to lose sanity

Eating any spoiled food or raw meat is a quick way to start going loopy. Using wormholes also costs you 15 points of mental health each time you use them to travel so try to avoid hopping through them too often at the start.

Darkness also has a detrimental effect so always make sure you’ve enough wood to start a fire and wait the night out. Rain as well will make you brain arrow point in bad directions.

Being insane isn’t all bad however as it enables you to collect specific items that can be used in crafting. Killing a beardling nets you nightmare fuel for example which can be used to make some powerful weapons and items. Early on it should be avoided but later in the game when you’re better equipped it could almost be seen as a way of accessing another ‘area’ of the game for supplies.

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