Don’t Starve beginners guide & tips for PS4 – food, sanity & crafting basics covered

Need help in Don’t Starve? Here’s Official PlayStation Magazine’s PS4 tips guide.

If you’ve been having trouble with Don’t Starve then here’s a guide to help you through the darkest nights. These basic beginner’s tips should get you started and see you survive for the first few nights at least. This is, after all, a game that makes not telling you how anything works part of its charm (honest) so don’t feel bad about feeling lost.

1. Don’t Starve basic instructions

PS4 don't starve tips guide

Aside from hero Wilson and all the things that are trying to kill him there are three main areas on the screen:

1. Information and health

The clock is obvious, telling you what time of day it, when night’s coming and how long you’ve survived. Under that are the following stats for Wilson:

  • Hunger – This is filled by eating things. Wilson’s stomach has a capacity of 150 (other unlockable character have larger guts). If your hunger meter reaches zero then health will drain at 1.25 points per second until you’re dead. You need to be careful what you eat though as some food can decrease health and sanity, or even increase hunger.
  • Health  – Wilson starts with 150 health. This can be lost by taking damage from enemies, fire or cold, and starving. Some food can also reduce health. This can be regained by eating food with cooked food often increasing the health bonus – seeds for example gain a health benefit when cooked that they don’t have raw.
  • Sanity – The weird rasin thing at the bottom is your brain and a representation of how sane you are. You can see the progress of your mental health by an arrow pointing up or down. As insanity sets in hallucinations appear which can attack you if you if this drops too far. A lot of things affect this stat; raising it or lowering it accordingly. We’ll cover the details later.
Don't Starve PS4 crafting tips

The first thing you need to craft is an axe and stock up on firewood.

2. Crafting

Pressing L2 will bring up your crafting guide showing what you can make. Initially this is confined to simple tools like axes to chop down trees or traps to catch animals. Most things you make will degrade with use so stock up on materials for things you use frequently. Later you can create science machines to unlock progressive tiers of new equipment.

Each recipe shows you what you need to build a given item. Early on it’s worth checking to make sure you have enough for a fire and a spare axe at all times as being out at night with no light is a really bad idea.

  • Axe – requires one twig and one flint
  • Fire – requires three grass and two logs

3. Items

Here’s where you keep and access your inventory. You can use R2 to access more options or use the right stick to cycle through items and bring up quick uses with the D-pad. These are mainly eat/drop/inspect and so on. Some things are contextual so select wood and other flammable objects like pine cones near a fire to get the option to ‘add fuel’.

Most things stack up to varying degrees but if you find yourself running out of space it’s best to drop anything you don’t understand or have a use for – it’s dead weight until you can do with anything with it. Leaving things near wormholes or obvious landmarks makes it easier to recover them later but be aware things like food will rot or degrade over time.

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