SOCOM lives again on PS4 – spiritual sequel H-hour pre-alpha video really looks the part

Here’s the first video of SOCOM’s spiritual successor H-Hour, a kickstarted project from the original series’ PS2 creative director, David Sears, and SOF Studios. It looks every inch its father’s son. As the video states this is untuned, pre-alpha footage.

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SOCOM’s spiritual sequel H-hour shows pre-alpha video

H-Hour was successfully funded last July to create a showcase demo and this footage is the first part of that. The aim was the development of a “‘proof of concept’ [to] seek out VC funding and/or publisher” to complete the game. This is the early pre-alpha demo which is now in fine tuning (getting the grenade smoke “really black” is an ongoing issue apparently). A full release planned for January 2015

H-Hour SOCOM sequel ps4

H-Hour is a “spiritual sequel” to SOCOM on PS4 from the series’ original creative director.

H-hour is trying to be as authentic as possible while still being enjoyable. So, for example, the ballistics model is “as complete and authentic as any weapons simulation available in a game needs to be”. It takes into account things like character speed and weapon characteristics with SOF saying that “any more realism would just get in the way of fun”.

Equipment also plays a part with trade offs between weight, speed and firepower depending on what you choose. “Accelerated fatigue” and “obstructed peripheral vision” are also mentioned as drawback to overzealous loadouts. One of the studio is a retired Special Operations veteran so he probably knows about these things.

You can find out more at the studio’s site or Kickstarter page.