More PlayStation Now details – play The Last Of Us on PS Vita “exactly like Remote Play”

PlayStation Now The Last Of Us on PS Vita

More info on Sony‘s PlayStation Now has arrived from CES with The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ascension, Beyond Two Souls & Puppeteer being played on PS Vita and a Bravia TV. It’s described as “exactly like a Remote Play experience”.

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PlayStation Now lets you play The Last Of Us on PS Vita

The info comes from Destructiod’s Dale North who’s had a hands on with the tech. He played The Last Of Us on PS Vita and described it as, “exactly like a Remote Play experience, complete with triggers being mapped to the rear pad. Gameplay was very responsive and completely lag free”. This and other games were being run from a Gaikai server “down the hall”.

Sony announced the PlayStation Now service last night at the Consumer Electronics Show. It uses Gaikai cloud streaming technology to pipe PS3 games to PS4, PS3, PS Vita and “other internet-connected devices” including this year’s Bravia TVs. The service is rolling out a US beta in January and aiming for an American release in Summer. There’s no date for the UK.

PlayStation Now is Sony’s name for its Gaikai cloud streaming technology

North also played The Last Of Us, Puppeteer and Beyond on a Bravia using its Bluetooth connection to sync up a PS3 pad. There’s some artefacting on the larger screen, presumably because you are watching a streamed feed.

The tech also apparently allows native PS3s and cloud-based games to play together with Sony having previously tested the tech in Journey – you might have actually played with someone who was using PlayStation Now already without even realising it.

Sony has reiterated that PS3 content is the initial focus but PS2 and PS1 games are being considered.

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