InFamous Second Son “makes it clear you’ve done evil”, trophies to decide sequel direction


Sucker Punch‘s Nate Fox has been talking more about inFamous Second Son‘s morality and specifically about making it clear when you’re being bad. The choices will apparently not be any easier, just clearer.

InFamous Second Son “makes it clear you’ve done evil”

Previously Fox talked about micromanaging inFamous Second Son’s morality with non-lethal takedowns in combat given as one example – killing everyone is easier, subduing the ones that surrender takes longer but is inherently more noble.

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Speaking to VG247 Fox stated, “we try and make it pretty clear when you’ve done something evil. Mainly because it really sucks when it’s nebulous”. Part of the desire to clarify the rights and wrongs is because “there’s so much you have to understand about the rules of the world, your abilities, what the mission is asking you and all of that stuff”.

As a result Fox says, “we try to cut down on ambiguity as much as possible. It’s not fun to feel like, ‘Well I think I did the right thing’”. However he adds that the game will, “put situations in front of the player that are frankly tough, because that’s what games are good for; they can transport you to places you’ve never been and let you do things you’ve never done before.”

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inFamous Second Son’s powers so far include smoke, neon & the ability to take other condiuts’ powers


“We do our damnedest to make it fun in both directions,” states Fox of the game’s good/bad progression, adding, “but in my opinion you’ve got to play the game twice to really experience inFamous: Second Son”. Part of that he thinks is as a result of a natural desire to want to be nice: “I know from watching people play the game, that most play first as a good guy because we’ve been conditioned by society not to speed and help old ladies cross the street”.

Interestingly, according to VG247 the decision over which of the two inFamous endings to carry over was made by looking at trophy data to see which most people got. Spoilers ahead: the choices were to save humanity by killing the Beast and every other conduit in the process (good) or to activate every dormant conduit (bad). Apparently Sucker Punch will use a similar approach to any Second Son sequel: “We’re absolutely going to be looking at trophy data to see where we go next”, says Fox, “but I couldn’t tell you which trophies we’ll be looking at.”

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