Trademarks suggest new LBP incoming – PS4 game on the way?

Two recently uncovered Sony trademarks suggest a new LBP game is on the way. Why a new one? Because the filing are specifically for the ‘LBP’ acronym not the already announced LittleBigPlanet Hub.

Trademarks suggest new LBP – PS4 game on the way?

The filings have turned up in the snappily titled “Printed list of National Trade marks accepted for opposition purposes as shown in Trade Marks Journal No 2013/043 published 25 October 2013″. Quite why it’s taken this long for them to turn up is unclear.

More on LittleBigPlanet

It’s been heavily rumoured that a new LittleBigPlanet is actually being developed by Sumo Digital while Media Molecule work on new projects. Sumo previously worked on the Vita version of the game and the Cross-Play patch for LittleBigPlanet 2.

LittleBigPlanet Hub

LittleBigPlanet Hub is a free to play version of games 1 & 2 while LBP 3 is rumoured to be in development at Sumo Digital

The filings (below) cover an obvious merchandising angle mentioning, “toys, games and playthings”. The other it seems is an “Electronic games services provided by means of the Internet” and mentions players being able to communicate with each other and stage tournaments and competitions.

UK00003026880 16 May 2013
Class 41: Electronic games services provided by means of the Internet; Internet games (non-downloadable); organizing of games; providing of an on-line gaming service enabling physically remote players of an electronic game to search on-line for other players and to communicate with selected players during the game; organising, staging and the provision of on-line video and computer game tournaments and competitions.

UK00002657790 25 March 2013
(9, 28)
Class 9:
Computer game software.
Class 28: Toys, games and playthings; bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain handheld electronic game devices and computer game peripherals and accessories; parts and fittings for all the aforementioned goods.

Source, Thanks DualShockers