Platinum Club – GTA 5 trophy guide

After what feels like nine years of waiting (mainly because it really has been that long), we finally get to head back into San Andreas on a crime spree – and this time, there’s a set of GTA 5 trophies that this guide will help you get.

Platinum Club – GTA 5 trophy tips

The first step is to enjoy playing through the main story, as this unlocks all the hidden trophies by the time you reach its conclusion. But be wary – your actions could make six other awards unobtainable. Four can be avoided by choosing Option C in the final mission, but the other two need to be completed before the opportunity is lost.

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For Wanted: Alive Or Alive, you need to capture one of Trevor’s four bail bond targets alive, then return them safely to the lovely Maude, while Altruist Acolyte involves picking up an NPC during a random event as Trevor, then taking them up to the cult camp where dinner is literally on them.

With the story complete you can work towards Solid Gold, Baby!. Achieving 70 Gold Medals may sound daunting, but there are well over 100 missions available. The targets you achieve also stack over multiple replays, meaning you don’t have to nail them all in one go.

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Some GTA 5 trophies need to be achieved before completing the game or the option can disappear.

It wouldn’t be a GTA game without collectibles and this time you need to find 50 Spaceship Parts and 50 Letter Scraps. Thankfully these can be tracked via Rockstar’s Social Club website, where all their locations are revealed. However, there are also 50 Stunt Jumps, 50 Under The Bridge flights and 15 Knife Flights that need completing for various trophies. The bad news is there is no way of checking which ones you’ve done already, so it’s best to keep your own records to avoid frustration towards the end.

All of this contributes towards Career Criminal, which also involves a long list of other tasks, including Franklin’s 20 Strangers And Freaks missions, plus various random activities, until you finally hit that elusive 100% stat.

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GTA Online’s trophies can be made easier by setting up a private session with friends.

The world of GTA Online brings its own set of tricky accolades, but thankfully all of them can be boosted with one or more friends in private sessions. This is particularly useful for Numero Uno, as it means you can bag first place in all competitive game types without actually being a top player who dominates matches.

For Decorated you need to earn 30 Platinum Awards, but with 85 available in total you can cherry-pick the ones you find easiest. Handily, progress towards all of them can be checked under the Stats tab in the pause menu.

With everything else completed, the final task is to reach Rank 100 online – it takes a whopping 1.5 million Reputation Points to unlock Above The Law and secure your status as a Los Santos Legend. With a minimum of 50 or 60 hours required to 100% complete the single-player game and at least the same again needed online, that legendary title is hard-earned and very much deserved.