The Evil Within concept art suggests Mikami’s horror game might not be what you’re expecting

New The Evil Within art suggests Shinji Mikami‘s game might not entirely be the trad horror experience previously suggested by trailers and gameplay. Obviously potential spoilers if you continue so proceed at your own risk.

The Evil Within concept art suggests a different horror game

The original début, showing lead detective Castellanos investigating mass murder, played heavily on Mikami’s past. Horror classics like Resi and Silent Hill were referenced copiously.

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These new screens suggest a more post apocalyptic vibe with ruined cities and red-eyed soldiers. There’s still plenty of body parts in jars and unpleasant surgery stuff going on but the references seem wider – covering gothic, zombie and other horror influences. There’s even a few shots with a The Last Of Us vibe and a very ‘Ash from Evil Dead’ feel to the shirt/shotgun on the back combo.

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