Watch 2 hours of Final Fantasy X HD on PS Vita – Japanese opening gameplay

Youtuber m00sicianEN has posted a two hour playthrough of Final Fantasy X HD on PS Vita. He’s playing the Japanese version of the game with the UK edition down for a March 21st release date.

Watch 2 hours of Final Fantasy X HD gameplay on PS Vita

The hi-def remaster is coming to both PS3 and Vita and also includes Final Fantasy X-2. On Vita buying the game gets you FFX in the box with a download code for FFX-2.

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD

The Final Fantasy X HD re-release also includes direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2

The PS3 version appears to be a more straightforward bundle and there’s limited edition version that comes with a 48-page art book  full of concept art and notes from the dev teams and “a special message from Producer Yoshinori Kitase”.