Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more


Minecraft ore mining guide

One of the first things you’ll feel compelled to do in Minecraft is to dig as far down as possible, just to work out the spacial limits of the game. Pretty far, huh? It’s worth noting that the further down you mine, the more dangers and rewards present themselves. Lava pools, enemy spawn points and limited access to the surface all conspire to make mining a risky venture, and unless you know exactly where to look, you’re not even guaranteed to stumble upon the good stuff.

Coal is the first resource you’ll come across, followed by iron a few levels below, then gold and lapis lazuli, and finally redstone and diamond close to the lowest point on the map (where bedrock can be found). Specifically, these are found 6 blocks above the bedrock, which means in order to create a bountiful mine, you need to dig right down to the bedrock and start tunelling horizontally 6 blocks above it. Do come prepared, though: you’ll need strong pickaxes to mine the more precious ores.

Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips guide

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