Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more


How to get Minecraft’s best pickaxe

While there are a range of tools in Mincraft with various uses – axes to shop trees, shovels to dig and so on – it’s the pickaxe that’s vital. It’s this that you need to mine ores and stones, the crucial resources you’ll required to craft most other objects and items in the game.

Pickaxes can be made from a stick (crafted from two wood planks) and three of one type of the the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Cobblestone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

The catch is that only certain things can be used to mine progressive harder materials. A diamond pickaxe for example is the only thing that can be used to mine Obsidian (handy for its ability to withstand explosions). An iron pickaxe is needed to harvest gold and so on. As you work up the range you’ll make tools that last longer and work faster although you can skip ahead if you get lucky and find an Iron pickaxe randomly in some chests (not much of a head start but better than nothing).

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