Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more


How to survive the night in Minecraft

This one will save your life (and your inventory) at least once. When you’re mining, you’ll collect an awful lot of stone and dirt. It’s natural to want to shed as much of this as possible to make space for more exciting items, but reserve one inventory slot for a full 64 blocks of one or the other, and drag it to your quick bar.

Now you have that at your disposal, the next time you’re ambushed outdoors by zombies, spiders or anything else for that matter, simply build a single block in front of you, then jump on it and build another block beneath you while you’re mid-jump. Keep doing this until you’re standing on a 1 x 1 pillar 30 blocks high. You’re out of reach of all enemies – hooray!

Boring up here, isn’t it? No matter – build a small platform (say, 4 x 4) out around you and make another bed up there, enabling you to sleep right through the night. In the morning, simply destroy the lot and pickaxe your way back to ground level. Simple.

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