Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more


What to do first in Minecraft on PS3

Tempting as it is to explore your surroundings fully when you spawn somewhere in Minecraft’s procedurally-generated domain, time’s instantly against you. There’s just a short window of daylight to gather resources, craft tools neccesseary for survival and build a shelter to survive the night. Leave it too late and you’ll be trying to roof your shack while taking heavy arrow fire from a pack of skeletons, which is exactly as difficult as it sounds.

You can find a rather strict second-by-second guide of how to spend the first ten minutes here. If you don’t like being given a schedule of twenty-second activities, use these rules of thumb instead. Spend the first five minutes gathering all the resources you possibly can; ideally bagging wood, meat from a cow or pig, and some wool from a sheep.

Make a crafting table with the wood, then a wooden pickaxe to mine downwards in one-block steps (never dig straight down) and gather some stone and ideally coal. Before it drops dark, use the stone to build a simple hut. It doesn’t need to impress visiting dignitaries, just keep a wall of comforting stone between you and the many enemies you appear at night.

Use the wood and coal to make torches – these will prevent enemies from spawning nearby. Most importantly, craft a bed using the wool and wood – you’ll get to sleep through the night time and gain a spawn point once you sleep in it that you’ll begin from if you die.

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