Batman Arkham Orgins Story DLC releasing “2014″. Mr Freeze hinted at in art

Batman Arkham Origins Twitter and Facebook pages have teased new story based DLC with some icey art hinting pretty strongly that Mr Freeze is to star.

Batman Arkham Orgins Mr Freeze DLC releasing “2014″

First piece of art shows an invite to an awards ceremony for “humanitarian of the year” while the second shows the award itself covered in ice, hence the strong nod to Mr Freeze being the star

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The first image also states that the gala is to be hosted at Wayne Manor. The screenshot shows what appears to be the award frozen to a lectern. It suggests the DLC will be set in in Bruce’s home and deal with Dr. Victor Fries’ fall from scientist to villain.

Batman Arkham mr freeze

The Batman Arkham series has played on the more tragic elements of Mr Freeze’s character

Here are the tweets. There’s also more over at the game’s Facebook page