The best PS4 games of 2014 – the big names on PlayStation 4 this year


Infamous: Second Son

ETA March 21st

It wouldn’t be an inFamous game without a crazy toybox of powers, and Sucker Punch wants to make sure you don’t come away disappointed: “We try and go after powers that aren’t done to death and are also part of the urban landscape itself,” creative director Nate Fox tells us. “So that’s why Delsin has this ability to absorb the powers of other conduits into himself. The two we’ve shown are smoke and neon. People are like, why did you do neon? And the truth is that it’s because nobody’s done neon. We have the freedom to show you things you’ve never seen before.” Another thing you’ve never seen before in an inFamous game is the detailed facial animation being used to bring the actors’ performances to life in this game. There’s a personal story here about the relationship between two brothers anchoring the game and now you can see every pained or grinning wrinkle crossing Troy Baker’s face as he throws himself into each scene.