The 10 best PS3 games of 2014 – the big names lighting up PlayStation 3 this year


Dark Souls 2

ETA March

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls knows the hard swallow that occurs on being told someone has invaded your world. You see their glowing-red phantom sprinting across the map with Zweihander at the ready, hunting you like prey and closing on your position fast. No survival-horror game has matched the terror of the seconds leading up to that fateful clash. Forget, for a second, about Dark Souls 2’s enhanced graphics, fluid mo-cap character animations and tantalising new story. Prepare to be invaded. In Dark Souls, players who used Humanity to take on a living form could be invaded via PvP or summon some additional help, and in Dark Souls 2 even players in a Hollow (undead) state are vulnerable to invasion from other human adventurers.