What will be 2014′s Best game? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

As the new year winds up to operating speeds the Official PlayStation Magazine team consider what could be the best game of 2014. There are a few possibilities and the gang all have differing opinions. Chances are you’ve got your own ideas so see what OPM has to say and then add your own input in the comments.

Phil Iwaniuk, games editor

Do the maths: Destiny’s too big to fail. YES, It’s that simple.

Let’s do a quick bit of mathematics – you’ll need a pencil, working out paper, and a rubber. (No calculators.) Now, start with the people who made Halo, and subtract their Xbox exclusivity. Then add all that money Activision’s been squirreling away from Call Of Duty, and take away the limitations of current-gen hardware. Divide the immediacy of a shooter by the depth and longevity of MMORPG gaming, and carry the traditional fantasy lore. Don’t forget to show your working. If your sums show Destiny is – um, preordained to become 2014’s most life-sapping phenomenon, well done. If not, write it on your palm and re-sit next summer.


Louise Blain, contributing writer

How many PS4 games can say, ‘from the man who brought you Resi 4’?

Shinji Mikami announcing his final directorial work will be a next-gen survival horror is a bit like Spielberg popping up on Twitter, taking Jurassic World’s non-event of a director down a peg or two and announcing he’s taking on the reins instead. Sliding The Evil Within onto PS4 – mind the bloodstains – just sweetens the deal. With tense stealth, spinning blades and chainsaws in the first third of the 12 minute gameplay we’ve seen so far, it’s a horrific and atmospheric return to form that should combo up nicely with Red Barrels’ terrifying Outlast and bring horror back to PlayStation, where it belongs.


Ben Wilson, editor

I’d like to say Uncharted 4, but it feels further away. So I’ll plump for inFamous: Second Son.

Sure, it’s a bold choice – particularly with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain coming. But Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son has stood on the cusp of greatness for some time, and I’ve a hunch this is the game that launches it into the same dev stratosphere as Naughty Dog and Irrational. New hero Delsin has gained a personality Cole never had (okay, and a stupid beanie hat), its powers sound genuinely spectacular, and visually it’s smoother than a silk-clad Lionel Richie. Want GTA V on next-gen, with lunatic abilities? This is your best hope.


Joel GregoryJoel Gregory, former deputy editor

For who, though? For me and my covenant, there’s one answer. For everyone else, probably two.

I’ve banged this drum so many times that it’s looser than a Hollyoaks plot line, but I’m here to give it one last hit. Much like your first Jägerbomb or sexual experience, nothing is ever the same after completing Dark Souls. So for those who have undergone those revelatory 50-plus hours, 2014 will peak next March. Having played the sequel I’m confident it won’t disappoint, and so the polling is already closed for me and mine. For the rest I’d say there are two clear frontrunners: The Witcher 3, and MGS 5. But I’ll still be in the depths, crying in my silver helm.