The 20 best PlayStation games of 2013 – the top reader voted PS4, PS4 & Vita titles of the year

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 screens


Killzone Shadow Fall

You had three big-name FPS options on PlayStation 4 at launch: the PS3 versions of Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 with prettier textures and more particle effects. Or this, a bespoke next-gen game built from the ground up to max out the tech with incredible good looks, impressive set-pieces and lighting that makes it hard to go back to old-gen.

That alone would have been sufficient this early in the generation, but this also mixes up the usual shooter formula with truly open-ended levels and options that go beyond just more guns, giving you additional tactical choice. It’s not a revolution, but it’s refreshing – especially as the other two options increasingly feel like HD remixes of old levels. Then there’s the incredibly satisfying multiplayer. The streamlined classes contain surprising depth, while the to-and-fro of gunplay has a real grit and weight to it rather than insta-death respawns. In all, a well-rounded introduction to the shooters of the future.


FIFA 14 PS3 screens9


Historically, sports titles have a tricky old time cracking this list – no one wants to declare a game their annual fave after losing 0-3 away at QPR – so it’s encouraging to see FIFA crack the top 10. But to our eyes, it should have been even higher. (Cease booing. You’re not at White Hart Lane now.)

EA’s footy giant served up the perfect template for a PS3 to PS4 upgrade, offering immediate familiarity, but also the feeling of an entirely fresh experience. Subtler movement, new passing and shooting animations, and more intelligent AI significantly enhance the on-pitch action, while broadcast-style camera angles and working scoreboards raise the presentation to MLB: The Show’s genre-leading standard. In short: an instant next-gen triumph.



Batman: Arkham City Origins

Credit to Warner Montreal: it may have built its Batcave’s foundations on the shoulders of giants, but the unproven studio somehow manages to surpass Rocksteady in several key areas on a fiendishly festive Xmas Eve for the Dark Knight.

That Origins places so high on your list is surely down to a continuation of the series’ class-leading combat, spliced with a wonderfully eye-opening look into the dynamic between Bats and The Joker during their first encounters. Spinning the best yarn to grace a superhero game yet, it illuminates the vigilante with a pleasingly ambiguous 50 shades of grey… and black and blue. Yep, Brucie boy still packs one hell of a meaty punch.