The 20 best PlayStation games of 2013 – the top reader voted PS4, PS4 & Vita titles of the year


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Lacking the polish and guile of Ninja Theory’s Dante reimagining, this is a surprisingly high placing for a game that didn’t cut as deep as it should have – particularly with DmC failing to chart. It surely speaks more for your love for all things Kojima than the rough action Revengeance often plates up. That said, master its katana-precise counter windows and Raiden’s adventure comes to life in gleefully overblown style. After all, who doesn’t want to slice up Metal Gear Ray like particularly tinny-tasting sushi?




You had to wait a long time for a game that really grabbed PS Vita’s unique control-set by the horns and turned it into something that made sense, felt fun and didn’t make you look like a prize pillock when you played it in public. Tearaway makes up for the wait, and then some.

Media Molecule’s handheld adventure-platformer lacks only for satisfying combat – otherwise this is all gold: beautiful, playful, tactile and capable of making a grown man (well, our reviewer at least) cry with its affecting story. Plus it’s literally your only chance to populate an innocent world with bright pink, phallic snowflakes and draw moustaches on squirrels.


Rayman Legends ps3 Vita review13

Rayman Legends

How fitting that one of the worlds in Rayman Legends has you tunnelling through cake and watermelons and other cartoonishly oversized entrées. Ubisoft Montpellier’s best game to date offers an gluttonous buffet of fun to keep you occupied for hours, racing from one tasty design idea to the next.

Highlights: scraps with laser-shooting clockwork dragons, time-trials to free captive Teensies strapped to bottle rockets, and Guitar Hero-style levels that align your jumps and kicks with giddy tunes such as Eye Of The Tiger… on the kazoo. Oh yes.



Hotline Miami

Seriously, ignore its chart position: nothing else on this list feels as instantly satisfying to play as Devolver’s PSN murder-’em-up. There’s no sour, sentimental aftertaste. There’s nothing to ponder. You play, you die, you splurge out a man’s eyes with your thumbs. Then swiftly die again. And frustrating as that process sounds, you bloody love it.

A sharp restart after each messy demise prevents any frustration from the stern difficulty, while a relentless, throbbing soundtrack goads you into being the worst person that ever existed. Yes, more horrid than Piers Morgan. The closest you come to ‘emotion’ is stepping over the bodies of your murderised enemies in the silent, post-orgasmic mess of a finished level. Sure, there’s a story with a twist present too, but Hotline Miami exists to be a proudly repellent and utterly unapologetic game.


brothers a tale of two sons ps3 review11

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Given the unremarkable nature of Starbreeze Studios’ last outing – 2012’s soon forgotten reboot of Syndicate – you could be forgiven for thinking that this extraordinary little puzzler came out of leftfield. Shunning challenge in favour of atmospheric storytelling and charming character development across its four-hour campaign, Brothers puts you in charge of the titular duo. Independently, yet simultaneously.

It then sends you out on a cinematic journey across a magical, Nordic-influenced land to obtain healing waters for your dying father, pitting you against joyously original obstacles that never repeat themselves. Inventive, surprising and heart-wrenching, it’s no surprise this is the highest-placing PSN title here: there was simply nothing else like it in 2013. And after all, two is company…