The 20 best PlayStation games of 2013 – the top reader voted PS4, PS4 & Vita titles of the year

Killzone Shadow Fall

The result of a cross Facebook/Twitter vote these are the 20 best PlayStation games of 2013. This is what you voted as the biggest things to happen on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this year. As ever there are some surprises, a few shoe-ins and probably some you’ll violently disagree with on a personal level. Just remember this is the result of a collective poll so majority rule applies, not personal taste. Here. We. Go.


Dead space 3 ps3 review and gameplay video20

Dead Space 3

This year’s most bitingly frigid horror jaunt scores a warm reception – even if the h-word is being generous there. Unshackling itself from the nerve-jangling overtures of its haunted-house-in-space predecessors, DS3 roasted your cockles using its excellent Strategic Dismemberment and disarmingly brilliant weapon customisation. Where ice planet scuffles against parka-sporting humans may fall flat, forging a half-flamethrower/half-RPG that spews electrified nails is a big win. Visceral may have decided scares are passé in pursuit of a more universally palatable actioner, but Isaac’s Necromorph-mangling DNA still just about endures. The future of the franchise is skating on thin ice, but if this is to be the end for Mr Clarke, at least he let you finish his undead pests with a firearm that barbecues alien genitals while stapling them to nearby walls.



The Wolf Among Us

Ffollowing up a five-episode series that many held as their game of the year for 2012 would be a tall order for some developers, but Telltale made it look easy. Even with a single episode currently in circulation, The Wolf Among Us has proved to be one of the true highlights of 2013. Despite lacking the growing sense of dread and isolation that made The Walking Dead such a tense experience, the world of Fables perfectly suits the interactive cutscene style of a Telltale game. Being a noir detective story at its heart, The Wolf Among Us lets your instinctive decisions and dialogue choices guide the story, weaving new threads and outcomes as you delve deeper into a web of murder and deceit. Everything from the atmospheric synth soundtrack to the perpetual night of Fabletown adds another layer of style and substance to this quality-howling new IP.


Battlefield 4 PS3 review18

Battlefield 4

By rights, BF4’s gorgeous visuals and brilliantly wild 64-way multiplayer should see it pushing the top 10. Yet its surprisingly low placing – albeit still ahead of the shunned-altogether Call Of Duty: Ghosts – suggest you guys are simply tired of playing the same old shooters, no matter how spangly they look on next-gen. A particular problem is solo play – with so much focus paid to getting online right, the main single-player mode feels like a cut-and-paste job from every merc blaster in history. We expect better, and clearly you do, too. Though if Titanfall succeeds, what are the odds on DICE ditching offline play altogether? Depressingly short, you’d wager.


Ducktales Remastered PS3 review17

Duck Tales: Remastered

Y’all clearly like to snuggle up with unrelenting punishment like a pre-warmed blanky. Frequently purdy, often infuriating, yet occasionally uplifting in the most shamelessly nihilistic fashion: they sure don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Though Duck Tales’ brutal lack of continues makes traversing its elegantly painted levels a daunting prospect, there’s something tremendously refreshing about its Uncle Scrooge-inspired toughness, particularly in a year of giant tutorial arrows and 25-minute QTEs. The tagline ‘Duck Tales, woo-oo’ never felt more appropriate.



Splinter Cell Blacklist

You couldn’t move in 2012 without having a stealth game emerge from your ears. Hitman Absolution, Dishonored, Far Cry 3… see? Easily more games than ears on the average person. Displaying expert timing, Sam Fisher chose this year rather than last to launch his comeback, where his gadgets, reliable cover mechanics, strong AI feedback and – did we mention those gadgets? – really stood out. Only Blacklist’s chest-beating plot, which seemed to have been penned by Fox News, holds it back from the upper echelons of this list. Play it again, Sam.