Complete PS4 review guide – trading in? Every PlayStation 4 score in one place

Complete PS4 review guide – Every score in one place


Lego Marvel Superheroes reviewLego Marvel Super Heroes PS4 review – We built this city on block and roll

It’s official: no film franchise is safe from Lego’s relentless campaign of blockification. This time out silver screen stars Hulk, Wolverine, Spidey and more succumb to Traveller’s Tales’ adorable miniaturisation treatment. Bruce Banner’s smhy green alter-ago may not seem the type to provoke cries of ‘Aww!’, but just like the Harry Potter and Batman games that went before it, Lego Marvel Super Heroes treats its subject matter with due reverence and attention to detail.

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Contrast PS4 PS PlusContrast PS4 review – Stylish charmer steps out from the shadows

It’s almost impossible not to love Contrast, with its noir-tinged glitz and Parisian swagger. Set in a dreamscape snapshot of Europe in the ‘20s, it’s a puzzle-platformer full of interesting ideas, beautiful designs and a story that’ll break your heart if you let it. But, like any true romance, your love affair with Contrast won’t be without its domestic hiccups.

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Knack PS4Knack PS4 review – D’oh of the Colossus

From the very first glimpse of Knack at Sony’s PS4 reveal, something seemed off. Had Japan Studios really assembled the game’s star from scraps of gaudy costume jewelry or did it just seem that way? And the parts of his body that didn’t consist of turquoise gemstones and etched gold took the form of claw-like shards. Even if you felt compelled to hug him, you’d risk succumbing to multiple puncture wounds.

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madden 25 ps4 reviewMadden NFL 25 PS4 review – Expansion team forgets its personality

Imagine ordering the world’s largest steak sandwich, only to discover that while it looks succulent on the outside, there’s little actual taste to it. Madden NFL 25 on PS4 is that meaty sanger in virtual form. Everything is here that should be: Ultimate Team featuring players past and present, a career mode packed with off-field distractions, realistic looking stadia and players – yet there’s just something missing. And sadly, it’s more than a side of béarnaise sauce.

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Need For Speed Rivals PS4 review – To protect and swerve on the streets of Redview County

PS4 racer Need For Speed Rivals feels like a something you’ve played before. That isn’t surprising at all because what’s happened here is that the most popular bits from the last few NFS games – Hot Pursuit’s police chases and weapons, Most Wanted’s asymmetrical multiplayer and so on – have been cherry-picked and placed in a Paradise-like open world with a seamless multiplayer system called Alldrive that has six of you sharing the roads at once. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Really.

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NBA 2K14NBA 2K14 PS4 review – No signs of fadeaway from this annual hall-of-famer

Damn, those shorts swish realistically in NBA 2K14 on PS4. Admittedly short-swishing isn’t the most crucial facet of such a technical sports simulation, but all the same there’s been a team of people at Visual Concepts working tirelessly, pulling all-nighters and subsisting on takeout pizza until the shorts swished perfectly. Because that’s what it takes to reach these heights.

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