Complete PS4 review guide – trading in? Every PlayStation 4 score in one place

So, got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas but maybe not the games you wanted and here you are, already investigating trade in options on Boxing Day. To help you out here’s a complete PS4 review guide – every PS4 review in one place which should make picking a replacement so much easier.

Complete PS4 review guide – Every score in one place


FIFA 14 PS4 review – footballing superstar sparkles on long-awaited next-gen debut

If there’s a single word that summarises EA Canada’s first crack at next-gen football with FIFA 14, it’s ‘intricacy’. The big-money transfer to PS4 United has seen this long-standing franchise change in ways too numerous to count, but it’s the subtle touches on and off the park which really stand out.

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Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 screensKillzone Shadow Fall PS4 review – A new war for a new generation

So you’ve gone for the Killzone Shadow Fall bundle have you? Or you’re at least eyeing it up? Well rest easy, there are enough next-gen sparkles here to make it a clear winner when showing off your machine, while still providing a satisfyingly crunchy shooter with more substance than you might expect. There are tangible demonstrations of power throughout the experience in terms of sweeping vistas and eye-widening set pieces but, most importantly, the new tech has been used wisely to add fresh spins to the gameplay.

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Resogun PS4 review – twin-stick shooter brings out the big guns

When you complete a level in Resogun, the robot voice of the game’s announcer (Anne Droid, we’ll call her) emerges from the DualShock 4 in your hands and makes a simple observation: “Armageddon”. As gloomy a proposition as the end of the world may be – even the alien prison-colony one you’ve been whizzing about trying to free the last remnants of humanity – she sounds pleased. Apparently even synthetic beings dig firework displays.

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call of duty ghosts ps4 reviewCall Of Duty Ghosts PS4 review – No future shock but the spirit of shooters past is present

There’s a gunfight in space, a world-saving American task force who wear Halloween masks and, at one point, a dog that mauls an attack chopper to death. As if I needed to tell you, Call Of Duty Ghosts octane-drenched solo campaign on PS4 is self-referential, ridiculous, and, as it happens, irresistibly enjoyable. The multiplayer is a force of nature, as ever of course, that introduces new competitive and co-op modes along with palatable bot play… but all in good time.

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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag preview screensAssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag PS4 review – Ship-shape up top, but old problems still persist below deck

For a franchise with this particular title, it’s peculiar how few of the games in Ubisoft’s Templar-hunting series have actually been centred on killing. Or, more specifically, as there is a hell of a lot of death, contract killing. Assassinating, if you will. It was there in the first game, just not very well implemented. In the second, which is still easily the series’ high point, the high-profile murders were done excellently. But ever since, as the games have expanded, and more distractions have been put in place, focus on the satisfying ‘plan your approach’ type hits has fallen by the wayside. How does Assassin’s Creed 4 do?

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Battlefield 4 PS3 reviewBattlefield 4 PS4 review – An almost amazing start to DICE’s next-gen ambitions

Interesting discussion (argument) I had while reviewing Battlefield 4 is what constitutes next-gen. Is it just good looks? Or is it something you couldn’t have experienced on a previous console generation? Battlefield 4 manages to deliver a partial tick on both fronts with some of the loveliest looking warzones on PS4 and, on the multiplayer side of things at least, an online spectacle that’s likely to leave you gawping in mute amazement as planes crash into mountains, flaming helicopters drop out of the sky and 64 people turn the map orange with gunfire.

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